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Top 5 towns to visit in  Gran Canaria!

Definitely Gran Canaria is more than sun and beach, it´s true, most of the people want to visit Gran Canaria to enjoy the good weather and the beach, but the truth is that the island offers you a lot of possibilities to enjoy the holidays you had dreamed.


Here we´ll give you a list of 10 towns that you should visit on your next trip to Gran Canaria and that you can enjoy with our concept of tours, click here to check our private tours.

Las Palmas de  Gran Canaria

The capital of the Island and maybe the main city in the Canary Islands, it´s a city with more than 500 years of history that offers a great mix of culture, architecture and gastronomy.


One of the main attractions is Las Canteras, an urban beach that is in the top 10 best world urban beaches ranking, but you can not forget to visit Vegueta, Las Palmas´ old town that you´ll definitely love it.

Our tips to vist las Palamas are: Playa de Las Canteras, Vegueta, Triana, Casa de Colón and Castillo de la Luz.

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The home of rum and one of the most interesting towns of Gran Canaria. The first stop you should do is San Juan Square where you will see the architectonic evolution in this town, here you can appreciate buildings from 4 different centuries. San Juan Bautista´s Church is the most emblematic building, this amazing Neogotic building was built with the typical blue stone from Arucas, in the interior, you can enjoy a great number of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.


Our tips for Arucas are: Don´t miss San Juan Square, San Juan Bautista´s Church, Casa de la Cultura, Constitution Squeare, Parque Municipal, Aruhcas Rum Factory.

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Here you will visit one of the most important heritage that Canarias has, in 1979 part of Teror´s old town was declared Historical and Artistic site, so as you can imagine, Teror is an icon of Gran Canaria. In between all the sights and monuments that you will find here is the oldest bridge of Gran Canaria, which was build between 1824 - 1828, the cultural and religious highlight of this town, is the festivity of La Virgen del Pino, held every September 8th.

Our recommendations when you visit Teror are to make a stop at Plaza del Pino, walk along the Alameda, have a walk at Barrio de Arriba where you can enjoy a nice view of the old town and visit the Cister Convent. If you want to try a typical dish from Teror, then don´t forget to eat Chorizo de Teror con plátano.


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The coulorful Gáldar is a town which impress everyone that goes to visit it. Walking trhough the town you will find Piedra Piedra Pintada, the most important archeological site of Canarias. Other nice place to relax and enjoy the day is Santiago Square, here you can take a drink in the terraces and check out how the life in Gáldar is. But from here you should visit Santiago´s Church an amazing building which is the first Neoclasic builing in Canarias.

In Gáldar we recomend you trought the old townd (Historical and Artistic site), Piedra Pintada Archeological Site, Santiago´s Church, Santiago Square and to visit the casino.

If you want to discover Gáldar and know more of it please click here and check our Tour Gran Canaria North 2


The highest town of Gran Canaria, this village is located 1270 meters above sea level, from here, you can enjoy wonderful views of Gran Canaria´s interior. Artenara is round of a big pine trees forest which gives you the impression to be in the middle of Switzerland.  

Maybe the fauna, flora, and the amazing views from Artenara, were a good reason for the famous Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno to stay in this town and get some inspiration for his literary works.

The tips for Artenara are: Have a walk trough the town and visit El balcón de Unamuno, the Etnographic Museum Casas Cueva de Artenara and La Cuevita Chapel.


If you want to visit Artenara and discover more of it please click here and check our Tour Gran Canaria North 2

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